Who Are America’s Progressive Developers?

Miami, FL 1. I delved into finance this week for Forbes, writing articles about how Chicago’s junk-bond rating is already causing higher borrowing costs; and about how Dodd-Frank, 5 years after passage, is killing community banks. 2. Starting in a few weeks, and continuing for as long as I’m on the road, I will occasionally add to […]

Free parking isn’t free

Last week I wrote a piece for City Journal on how smart parking could allow New York City to implement variable pricing. Street parking sensors allow prices to change to maintain an empty spot on each block, as parking expert Donald Shoup recommends. By … [Read More...]

Havana, Cuba–The City Of Scarcity

[My first in a two-part series on Havana, Cuba. Here's the second article.]Havana, Cuba1. I'm now a week removed from my Cuba trip, where I spent 4 days in Havana biking through the city's near-hourly mix of high heat and torrential rainfall, … [Read More...]