It’s Time To Reform Jaywalking Laws

1. I wrote three Forbes articles this week: about how black churches were burning across the South, perhaps in response to the Charleston shooting and Confederate flag takedown; about how new presidential candidate Chris Christie has handled his 5-year control of Atlantic City; and about a new app that aims to help people find bathrooms in New York […]

Havana, Cuba–The City Of Scarcity

[My first in a two-part series on Havana, Cuba. Here's the second article.]Havana, Cuba1. I'm now a week removed from my Cuba trip, where I spent 4 days in Havana biking through the city's near-hourly mix of high heat and torrential rainfall, … [Read More...]

Market Fundamentalism in the Mission?

There’s a proposal to place a moratorium on all market rate construction in the Mission District, one of San Francisco’s most rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods. Needless to say the proposal has sparked a debate. And Dan Ancona’s Putting Market Fundamentalism … [Read More...]