In Bushwick, warehouses abut apartment buildings.  Image via Real Estate Weekly.

How Land Prices Obviate the Need for Euclidean Zoning

Yesterday, Reason TV released a video comparing Houston with more heavily regulated East Coast cities, explaining that Houston’s relatively lax land use regulations contribute to its housing costs that are much lower than in other large cities. While the video paints an exaggerated picture of Houston as a free market paradise in spite of its […]

Urbanism without government

Asking, "But who will build the roads?" is a cliched response to proposals for a more libertarian political system. However, it leads to the interesting historical question of "Who has built the roads in anarchic societies?" Colonial America provides a few … [Read More...]

Culs de sac for safety?

At Cato At Liberty, Randall O'Toole provides a list of recommendations for reversing Rust Belt urban decline in response to a study on the topic from the Lincoln Land Institute. He focuses on policies to improve public service provision and deregulation, but … [Read More...]