About Market Urbanism

Market Urbanism:

This site was founded in 2007, after Adam Hengels realized that free market advocates and urbanists actually share many objectives, despite being at odds in many spheres of the intellectual discussion.   This conversation is intended introduce free-market thought to urbanists, and introduce urbanism to market advocates in order to bridge the gaps in the discussion. These ideas have value in discussion of environmentalism, housing affordability, sociology, justice, and economics.

The term “Market Urbanism” refers to the connections between free-market economics and ethics, with an appreciation of the urban way of life and it’s benefits to society.

Market Urbanism examines how market forces and respect for property rights enable complex, yet vibrant and economically robust communities and regions to emerge through the “spontaneous order” of the land use and transportation marketplace.  When left to market forces, as opposed to intervention, land use patterns and transportation systems better reflect the diverse needs and desires of individuals in society.  Such a society would be economically and environmentally more efficient and just than when imposed in a top-down fashion by government.

We hope you enjoy the conversation.

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